Our Philosophy

As a word, a sparkler represent a source of light that emits little sparks, and so, a person or thing that sparkles.

We all have a little lively light embedded in the core of ourselves but sometimes this source of light can lose in brightness when strongly imposed under the pressure of flavourless routine and a struggling society. For us, music as well as all other art forms have the incredible power to revivify our fire. When we live an intense musical moment of epiphany, when we find ourselves being ecstatic in front of a piece of art that completely disrupts our vision of the world, we are suddenly crossed by a new positive energy. Not unknown but long forgotten. An alternative land of possibilities emerges in our mind and leads us toward a transcendental world filled with goodwill and beauty.

But what does being a Sparkler mean in this relation? It means to truly and deeply trust in the extraordinary healing power of art. Believing that it is a tool to awake consciousness by giving a divine form to strong messages. It also means boundlessly embracing every emotion and being willingly to share them. Sensitivity is a precious strength we should cherish. It reminds us that we are alive and gives us motivation to strive for a better and uplifting world.

Music is a road to infinite expression. It may show in mixing productions to create stories taking us on astonishing journeys. It could also be in composing radiant live acts using organic instruments to introduce new shapes and musical soundscapes.

Music is a universal language traveling from culture to culture, soul to soul, heart to heart. It doesn’t know boundaries and is limitless. Furthermore, we believe it reaches its higher potential when combined with all kinds of art forms. Creating a narrative for the entire senses to perceive, it adds even more depth and emphasis to the message.

From drawn artworks to graphic design, live paintings, video clips, stage design, writing and photography over live recorded drone shots accompanying the profound sound, our imagination is unlimited when it comes to enlighten music. It is in fact these believes that guided us on our way of finding each other.

It is in fact around these beliefs that our group of creative souls found each other.